Bio for contemporary Ukranian-American artist Yury Lobo

    In the fulfillment of the mission of "Hands for  Hope"  it is my honor and privilege to present the  biography  of contemporary artist  Mr.  Yury Lobo. "Hands for Hope" is a  non-profit, non-political  and non-sectarian  private  foundation, which was  created  with  the purpose to inspire  and  encourage individuals to share their Vision, Values, Skills and  Knowledge with others.

   Yury Lobo aka Yuri Slobodenyuk, was born in Germany in 1947,  raised in Russia and Ukraine and lives in  the  USA since 1991.  Since  his early childhood he was  fascinated with the world of Colors and the Art of Collage. However he never considered becoming a professional artist probably due to lack of encouragement from his parents. But in July 1959 he visited the First American National Exhibition with his mother in Moscow  that featured Jackson  Pollock's Masterpiece "CATHEDRAL".

    He was amazed and  shocked at the same time by this  painting , which most  visitors considered a joke in bad taste. Of course he knew  little  about Modern Art or Jackson Pollock at the age of 12, but the  impact lasted in  his subconscious, and that's why his  interests centered on Artists of  Avant-garde. His favorite  artists are (just  to name a few):  Van Gogh, Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich, Picasso, Matisse, Miro,  Brague, Warhol,  Rothko, Klimt, Schiele,  Modigliani, and of course Pollock.

  They give him these creative  impulse just to open up and paint "from the hip" trusting only his own inner instincts. He created a few  paintings for family and close friends. Back then in the USSR he didn't have the courage to paint and share  with the public his passion for Abstract  Expressionism  and  Collage. He kept  his painting creativity mostly to himself  and started to pursue  career challenges in other fields: he got a Master Degree in German and English, studied history of Art and worked as a licensed multilingual tour guide in a major Art Museum of the former USSR. He became  journalist, interpreter , German teacher, script writer and TV personality.

    Having fled the USSR in 1991 for political reasons, he  establish himself first in Miami and  pursued  his  career of journalism, writing for several Russian-American Newspapers.  Later on he started one of his own. In 2007 he sold his newspaper and moved to West Palm Beach, where he continues his career as a German teacher and contemporary artist.

   The freedom of expression in America has motivated and inspired Yury to fulfill the dream of his youth: sharing  his creative side with public. His artistic name Lobo is a shortened form of his long ukranian last name Slobodenyuk which means a free man. "Lobo" which translates to wolf in Spanish, and is a symbol of a relentless will for freedom.  Jackson Pollock was dubbed by journalists Jack The Dripper for just dripping paint on the canvas. I would call  Yury Lobo "Jack The Whipper" for whipping the canvas with his high  energetic lashes of paint.


   "When you look at his paintings and collages you will feel the vibrant effect that Yury projected  using his  inner free spirit along with a dazzling combination of superbright colors, just as I did.....Enjoy !"


Roberto Flamenco

President of the Foundation Hands for Hope,

former Ambassador of The Republic of Guatemala in USA 

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Artist Statement


  My fellow countryman Kazimir Malevich once  said :  Comrades, arise, free yourselves from the tyranny of objects!" In this sense I, like him, consider myself as a true abstract expressionist and also a revolutionary. My battle cry is : " Stop copying the world, create a new  one !." This is not a far cry from what Picasso once proclaimed: " In art, we express what nature is not  " and  I am, of course, a strong believer in the unlimited positive power of vibrant colors.  Whoever is afraid of bright colors is afraid of life, which I'm not. In the art of collage I represent a completely different point of  view.

    My slightly distorted collages are pretty close to reality and full of hidden ironic and sometimes tragic messages. Being a history buff  I can't help  to be a mocking bird laughing at the human inability to learn from history, which of course seeing that such ignorance is doomed to repeat itself . Every collage is some sort of time capsule with a letter to future generations enclosed .  I love ready-made art, and I wish I had more of them to offer. A true artist  is about inner energy which he or she tunnels to the public through the art : If there is no reaction at the receiving end, then the energy was either poor or lost in artistic translation.


Yury Lobo