Why would anyone want to be a glass artist?  To wake up at 4am and rush to the kilns, upon opening I view the beautiful array of colors and patterns that were created twelve hours earlier, is the most magnificent feeling in the world!  My need to create is fulfilled.

     My glass is fused using unique techniques that date back to the early Egyptians.  I begin with simple window glass which I hand cut.  Ground enamels are used for the beautiful colors and crocheted doilies, stencils (hand cut and objects that I feel would “just” work) are used to create the designs. The cut glass is fused together at 1500 degrees in a kiln on terra cotta or bisque molds, then cooled overnight.  Various effects such as bubbling and crazing occur naturally and lend uniqueness to individual pieces.

     My art glass can be found in Anthropologie Stores across the US and London, Art on Park Gallery Lake Park, the Ortiz-Smykla Art Gallery-Studio Palm Beach, Artist of Palm Beach Gallery, fine art and craft festivals in the Eastern USA, Green Markets in Wellington and Las Olahs Florida, and local events in West Palm Beach.  My glass art apprenticeship was completed in the scenic fishing village of Winter Harbor Maine with Lee Art Glass.  In the past I have created mosaic tile floors, watercolor landscapes, photography and played with many other mediums.  For twenty years I also taught science and special education to at risk children in the Florida Everglades.  With all of my extra time I raised four wonderful children!


Sheree Blum-Cuthbert

Kicking Glass by Sheree

Sheree Blum