I am a self-taught artist.

 “They” say my style is “figurative expressionism” I’m not 100% sure of that, but I’ll accept it. For many artists like me, the reason that we do what we do is because our ideas cannot be easily expressed in words; if they could we’d be poets.

My figurative paintings have simple lines and subtle facial gestures. I paint mostly in blocks of color, outlines in black. The universal character of the human being, its gestures and its expressions are the inspirations from which my work develops.

My first works were very realistic and photo like, but have become much simpler. As time passes they are getting even simpler still, some even abstract with basic lines and color. I always work on more than one piece at a time, some done quickly and others seem endless. I try to capture the fundamental nature of the subject, using only what is necessary. My landscapes are uncomplicated arrangements of color and very few lines, using minimal detail to compose the work.

I also work on the computer creating digital art. Digital abstracts. For these pieces I push and pull the colors across the screen, manipulating the colors to produce the work, as I would paint on canvas. 


You can reach me at:   pa3134@live.com

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Robert Catapano