Phyllis Spenser



Phyllis Spenser was born in Brooklyn New York. She has been painting and drawing since early childhood. She studied at a High School that specialized in the Arts in New York City and then attended and graduated from The Traphagen School of Fashion, also in New York City, with a double degree in Fashion Illustrating and Clothing Construction.After a career in the Fashion Industry, during which time Phyllis spent many hours drawing and painting at the Art Students League, she returned to her alma mater as a teacher. While teaching she also worked as a freelance designer in the New York Bridal Industry. At the same time Phyllis was a member of the faculty teaching Fashion Design at The Parsons School of Design also in New York. She was the Curator of a New York Costume Museum for several years.Phyllis retired from her busy life to devote herself to her true love, painting portraits.


Artist's Statement
Painting is its own language. It speaks to you visually. I feel that there is no need for a verbal description.  If you can hear and see what the artwork says to you, that will determine how you feel about the painting.  
The human face is the most beautiful and exciting subject in the world. There are about seven billion people in the world and each person is different and can be identified by his or her face. Imagine … seven billion different faces.
With only four features, each face is unique. The infinitesimal differences in each feature and its relationship to the other features and to the shape of the face determines the identity of the person.
This subject has fascinated me for most of my life. As I paint, I fall in love with my painting. Each brushstroke is applied with love. It is magical when a three dimensional form with a recognizable face emerges from a two dimensional canvas.
Phyllis Spenser



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