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Norman Berman is an internationally known artist. He is a product of the public school system of New York City from Kindergarten through his Masters' Degree. He received his BA (1956) and MA (1958) from Brooklyn College In 1956, he became a teacher of fine arts in the NYC school system. He taught in both junior high schools and senior high schools. For thirty-five plus years, he was a teacher and then a supervisor (Assistant Principal) in the high schools of the City of New York. During his tenure in the New York City school system, he also held the rank of Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art at Queensborough Community College where he taught painting, drawing, two-dimensional design, advertising design and art history.In 1983, he received the “Art Educator Award” from the New York City Art Teachers’ Association/UFT in recognition of his outstanding service and commitment to art educationHe co-authored the book “Art from Clutter” which is a guidebook in the creation of artwork created from household and found objects.Norman has exhibited widely in the New York metropolitan area. His work appears in numerous private collections across the country. His work is represented in the permanent collection at the Queensborough Community College Gallery and he has had works displayed at the JCC-Suffolk Y in Commack, several libraries in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, the East Northport Jewish Center and the Polish Consulate in Manhattan. His work was also displayed in the GE Gallery in Schenectady, NY and at SONY in NYC. Since moving to Florida in 2003 he has had several of his works displayed in the Art in Public Places exhibitions at PBIA . He is currently a member and on the Board of Directors of the ARTISTS OF PALM BEACH COUNTY and has had paintings in a variety of APBC venues since becoming a member of the organization.Since moving to Florida, Norman has worked almost exclusively in watercolors and gouache in which he explores overlapping color fields with a linear network which creates interesting spatial relationships. He first learned watercolor technique in high school and loved the fluidity and spontaneity of the medium. Although much of his current work may look highly controlled the initial color fields that underlie the final image are pretty spontaneous.Prior to moving to Florida, he lived in East Northport, New York. You can view more of his work on his website, www.normanberman.com



e-mail: normberman12@gmail.com website: www.normanberman.com


I am fascinated as to how "man-made" linear elements interact in aspects of paintings, drawings, prints and photographs. These linear elements have been a part of my work for over five decades. In my recent works the linear elements have become more and more complex. They form a series of overlapped interlaced and interwoven linear patterns. I use these linear complexes over areas of color. In my more recent paintings, I start with areas of watercolor washes over which I then begin to create a series of these interlacing networks of color and value. This is not a "typical approach" in the use of watercolor. I treat the watercolor in what might be considered "opaquely". Then the linear interlacing is overlaid as dark over light, then changes to light over dark. These linear inter-lacings also start wide and subsequently each linear overlay is then made thinner and thinner. In the recent works, there are a variety of images that appear over the relatively the densely structured background. The suggestive irregular landscape mountain-like image and the geometric squares, rectangles and circles emerge. Each of these interact with one another to create the finished work.

Norman at the opening of his solo exhibit, 5/22 to 6/09 2017