Linda Donegan

Artist Statement

     I am fascinated by the colors, play of light and shadows, and intricate details found in nature. Painting helps me celebrate the wonder and beauty of God’s creations. By drawing the viewer’s eyes to a moment and place in time that captivated me, I am encouraging the viewer to also appreciate and enjoy what I see. Each new painting is a journey; but good or bad an incredible learning experience. Every painting has a purpose and represents a part of me. Sharing my view of the world with others is a pleasure.


     Linda Donegan currently lives in Royal Palm Beach, Florida with her husband John. They have two married daughters who also live in Palm Beach County. Linda has a BA in Art and has been a full-time middle and high school art teacher for the past 15 years.Linda also sponsors an after school art group called SPLASH and a chapter of the National Art Honor Society. Linda is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society and the National Art Education Association.“Some of my fondest memories are of spending Sunday afternoons in New York City visiting The Metropolitan and Frick museums with my Dad, who loved art.”Inspired by her Grandmother, a self-taught painter, and encouraged by her Dad, Linda knew she wanted to be an artist at a very young age. “I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t drawing and painting.” Today, one of Linda’s favorite places is her own backyard where inspiration comes from the natural world. From her patio she can watch the ever changing weather of Florida, or look out on the water and see water birds and creatures including an occasional alligator. She can be in her beautiful yard filled with plants and flowers cared for by her husband, or watch the antics of the many species of birds who call it their home. The colors of the sky, birds and creatures, plants and flowers are all an inspiration for the next painting. Color and light have become an obsession and Linda’s creations are not always limited to nature. She also loves painting old buildings and portraits of animals and people. Regardless of the subject matter, color is the predominant element in her work.