Joseph Friedman



Born in Washington D.C.

Resident of Palm Beach County since 1979


Mr. Friedman grew up in Philadelphia where he began his studies in art. He was awarded a 4-year scholarship to the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, a school designed after the great art schools of Europe. While there, Joe studied under many noted & internationally known artists and much of the methods learned there have sustained him in his work today.


During his military service, he traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean where he was further exposed to the arts.


Over the years, his work has evolved from a strictly representational view to a more interpretive approach. You might say he has a 'unique' vision. You will enjoy that view whenever you see his work, which can be found in private collections across the country, but more readily here in South Florida.


Joe has maintained a working and teaching studio in Lake Park for many years. It is here that he and his wife Irma work their magic with paints and brushes. Joe specializes in oils while Irma prefers to operate in acrylics. It is also at this location that Joe offers private instruction and critiques to upcoming artistic talent.


Mr. Friedman has been active with Artists of Palm Beach County since its inception. He first served on the steering committee, then on the board of directors, followed by his current position as president of the organization. As president, Joe has introduced monthly sharing meetings where member artists of all disciplines (visual, writing, poetry, and performance) are asked to share with other members their ideas about art in general and their work in particular. Joe actively seeks input from all members regarding operations and management & encourages participation in this very lively and growing organization.