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Elsebeth Lauge Grue

Artist’s Statement:

In working with textiles I am trying to use color, pattern, texture and composition to express inner emotions and evoke the soul while developing an outer story. My piece, “Unspoken Words” depicts a broken relationship unraveled by all that was not said. I use color to express emotion, pattern to express desire and texture to express passion and the composition expresses the fragmentation of this relationship. In all my work there is a story that unfolds, one that goes deep into the story of the human soul.


Elsebeth’s journey to here has been one of dramatic twists and turns. It began with her accepting a job in the Congo in the early 1960’s. This was right after the Revolution in what was then the Belgique Congo. The land was awash in colorful textiles, vivid expressions and exotic landscapes. While wraught with danger it also captivated her soul. Once in back in Denmark, Elsebeth would tear up fabrics in hopes of capturing these expressions. She continued to experiment with this art on her travels with included jaunts to Libya, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Turkey and each place made its imprint. She was accepted to the Copenhagen School of Design but due to her husband’s military career this was not to be. So while circumstances moved her away from formal training at that time, life presented her with her true calling anyway. Once in the United States the Early American tradition of quilting presented itself quite by accident. While residing in Massachusetts she would spend her lunch break at the local library and on one of those breaks a selection of exceptional quilts were being displayed. She inquired and found out that there was a group of traditional New England quilters that met. She asked if she could join to learn. During those years she became more and more inspired by color, pattern and composition. Her desire was to take traditional quilting to another level by expressing a more free style contemporary form of the art. Throughout the 1980s and 90’s Elsebeth mastered the craft and taught traditional patchwork and quilting at the adult educational programs in Massachusetts. Upon returning to Denmark, Elsebeth’s work progressed in a more avant-garde way. She and five other like-minded artists created a circle that met regularly and deepened their work. One of her mixed media pieces was exhibited at the Copenhagen City Hall during the EU Cultural Year featuring Copenhagen as the premier city. In addition her clothing was featured on the runway show in Odense. The September 11th tragedy left such a mark on Elsebeth and she began working on the piece, “Never Forget.” This piece has been accepted to be included in the 911 Artists’ Registry. She returned to the US and settled in Boynton Beach Florida and became a member of the Artists’ of West Palm Beach County.

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Celestial Mist

Acrylic on Canvas