Edward H. Munoz

  As a manufacturing executive, I traveled the world and visited stunning locales, met interesting people and saw amazing wonders, all the while amassing a considerable portfolio of photos as part hobby and part stress reliever. After retiring in 2002, editing, matting and framing some of these photos became one of those retirement projects that occupied spare time

and winter days.

Later, traveling to photography hot spots became a big part of my agenda. Luckily my wife Susan has been along for the ride over the past 20 years, assisting as spotter, scene composer, critic and model, all rolled into one.

My passion for photography has evolved with time, but I remember two important contributing factors, my Dad’s love of cameras, and my visits to

the library as a teen to browse through National Geographic magazines.

Over the last 10 years I have endeavored to expand my Photography skills under the guidance of such pros like Ken Geiger, a Pulitzer prize winner and National Geographic photographer; E. David Luria of Washington DC photo safari fame, and David Durbak, a well-known architectural photographer here in Florida.

Over the years, my four children, 8 grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews, inspired me to focus on natural light and portrait photography, striving to capture the special essence of their personalities. As my career took me to exotic places with several foreign assignments, I was drawn to create ever more challenging photos of people and spectacular scenery, trying to improve with every new camera and lens to bring those images to life.

I have exhibited my work in several venues including Virginia’s River Creek Art show, Loudon county VA Waterford Art Show (honorable mention ribbon), South Padre Island TX Art Show (best in show), Tequesta FL Lighthouse ArtCenter Gallery, The New Studio for Visual Arts in Jupiter, FL., APBC Art in the Park Gallery in Lake Park FL. (second place ribbon SeaScapes Exhibit).

As a University of Texas graduate, my Texas roots drew me to the great outdoors, and to serve as a board member of Images for Conservation, a Texas non-profit group dedicated to encouraging land conservation through nature photography

My photography is an attempt to capture a few of the beautiful and awe-inspiring scenes of this wonderful, pale blue dot in the universe which is our home planet Earth.

Visit my website:  www.Edsbluedot.com

Email: ehmunoz@msn.com