Ebba TinWin grew up by the wind and waves of the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. Before coming to the United States, she spent seven years in her husband’s native country of Burma (now Myanmar) in Southeast Asia. Many of Ebba’s collages are inspired by the vibrant colors of the orient. Ebba holds a master’s degree in education, but her passion has always been art. From 2002–2013. Ebba gave free creative rein to expressing her love of the natural wonders of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. She managed an Art Gallery in Cape Charles and also taught the art of collage. Ebba has earned critical praise and awards for her expressionist paintings and collages. Her work is on exhibit in galleries on the Eastern Shore and treasured by art collectors in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States. Most recently, the artist decided to relocate to Palm Beach County, Florida. Enchanted by the delightful climate and natural beauty of the Florida coastline, Ebba is most eager to express a sense of her new surroundings on canvas.

Ebba TinWin

Phone #: 561-249-0041

E-mail : ebbatinwin3004@comcast.net