Richard (Dick) Yosinoff

About Dick and his art:


A few words about this painter and photographer. How did this creator of abstract and impressionistic works of art express his visions at a time when many have retired?


Dick was born and educated in Rhode Island. In middle school he was awarded a scholarship to classes at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. In high school he drew for his yearbook. He briefly considered a career in commercial art but chose the CPA and corporate financial management profession (in New York City) where his interest in art grew during exposure to local and international exhibitions. In addition, Dick traveled to major museums throughout the world. On numerous visits he told his wife, “I can do that!” and her reply was, of course, “Well, then, do it!”


He purchased a Konica camera and 200 mm lens and began capturing images on 35 mm film. He discovered that he had an eye for the unusual subject, i.e.: a homeless man on a winter park bench, a pair of old chairs in a deserted boat house, rural barns, a tree shaped in the female form, and a red antique phone booth. Although many of these photographs had the look of paintings, he did not begin painting until he retired.


Flash to 2008. He began painting with oils selecting still life and land/sea scapes as his subjects., He soon realized that the detail of a photograph was best captured with the camera, and that innate talent to paint, express, and create was within him.


Basically self-taught, he used photos shot in Europe and the Middle East as subjects to paint from on canvas and introduced an impressionistic painting style. Next came the creation of abstract art using both oil and acrylic paints with emphasis on vivid colors. Further experimentation using various pieces of lumber (instead of brushes) produced unusual abstract designs. Dick paints for pure pleasure rather than for a commercial purpose. His paintings are unique, very creative and thought provoking, colorful and original.



Oil Painting