Connie Schrecengost-Bates



After raising her family, Connie Schrecengost left a successful equestrian business to seek out fresh opportunities for expression. The transition brought with it new insights and experience, that compelled her to reexamine her focus as an artist. Having operated the demanding and rewarding family business for many years it left her with little time for travel, leaving a lasting effect upon her world view. As a student while studying at Cleveland Art Institute, and later under Peter Kolean, Connie's artistic ardor was stirred by landscapes. However, after years of working with the horses in breathtaking surroundings, Connie realized she preferred living and working within landscapes, to depicting them.


Her approach to medium and subject matter followed a course, where in, she began to playfully explore mixed media through the perspective of a landscape artist. The disclosures in her work are not of the primary sort. They are quickly deflected into the "imaginativity" of forms and textures that she intuitively employs. Her work seems to suggest as Wallace Steven's said, "It is the propositions about life, which have replaced life." Connie wants to sandblast these "propositions" to see what lies underneath.

In Connie Schrecengost, you will find and artist that deals playfully with the appearance of things; as they play over her, and as she plays over them. States' of the spirit and conditions of the soul are the subject of her newest projects. Influenced by Picasso and Jackson Pollock, Schrecengost powerful use of cold composition and the pallet knife are alluring and unique. Connie's work is powerful both in its execution and the questions it seeks to explore.