Brian Rosen
With Brian, photography isn't just a passion - it's an upbringing.
Having grown up around family that worked in commercial & editorial photography, Brian received his first camera when he was old enough to appreciate it. The camera was a Fuji 35mm. That's all it took. From here on out, Brian was bitten by the "shutterbug", so to speak.
Brian never had any formal training in photography. Instead, he quickly found out that he had a natural "eye" for the world around him. Being right-brained and quirky enabled Brian to form an ‘out of the box’ photographic style. He possesses an innate ability to either capture images from a unique angle or a close-up view of a larger object.
Throughout his life, Brian felt most comfortable with a camera strapped around his neck. He would be the friend or family member at a party or gathering running around, snapping shots of everybody else. You wouldn’t see him in many photos, but everyone knew he was there. It was during his high-school and college years that Brian realized he had a talent for candid shots. He had the sense of timing that would catch the expression that perfectly captured the essence/heart of the subject. Friends came to rely on and expect him to take their pictures since they could expect quality.
Recently, Brian decided to elevate his love of photography from a hobby to a full-time business. While he enjoys fashion & modeling photography, Brian is also focusing on the portrait and fine art areas as well. As he continues to grow as an artist and make a name for himself, Brian Rosen offers a unique perspective that makes his photos stand out from the competition. Whether it's the angle used or the use of surreal humor, you will find something special when you look at his photography.