Apollonia was born in Mainz, Germany in 1935. As a child she saw things that no child should ever see - - - ever!  As a small child in Nazi Germany, Apollonia witnessed her father being taken away from their home by the Gestapo after a neighbor informed them that her father had rescued the Jewish professors from the Mainz University by driving them out of the country to safety hidden in one of his trucks. Somehow, on the night of February 27, 1945, Apollonia managed to survive Mainz being reduced to a burned out cinder by the Royal Air Force. No, these are things (and more) nobody and above all, no child should ever see or experience. As a result, Apollonia sees the world very differently.


Apollonia came to New York in 1956. In 1974 she moved to the Island of Bermuda where she continued her painting. Although living on a small island for many years, Apollonia continued to extensively travel the world, painting in several countries. Apollonia now makes her home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and Niederheimbach, Germany.


Apollonia is a graduate of the Metropolitan Institute of Design. Apollonia has painted with Luce Felts in Palm Springs California, participated in workshops throughout Europe and the United States painting with Ted Baxter, Charles Movalli, Theodore Goerchner, Stanley Maltzman, Hugh O’Neil, and Keith Ward.


Having been semi-retired for several years, Apollonia has, with the recent opening of her new studio in Germany, resumed her passion for painting and exploring the abstract world as only she sees it. Apollonia’s primary medium is oil and occasionally watercolor. Apollonia’s unique impressionistic style has become recognized for her ability to blend vibrant colors into her landscapes and still life works. Apollonia sees the world in her own, very different way, so when observing Apollonia’s works, one is than able to have a unique glimpse of the world as only Apollonia sees it. With Apollonia’s strong use of colors and design, she is able to uniquely express herself in a contemporary and semi-impressionistic way. Apollonia is a member of the Art Society of Bermuda and Southampton.


Apollonia’s highly acclaimed works have been formally exhibited from Palm Springs to Bermuda including an exclusive exhibit at the prestigious Rogers Library in Southampton, New York. Many of Apollonia’s works are owned by private collectors throughout the world.