Alvaro de Jesus Rojas


The primary purpose of my work is to step outside of my every day environment and get some sanity back into my thoughts. I use the intervals of creativity to meditate and, as in the works, put some order into my daily routine(s). I am interested in exploring acrylic paintings and creating images without any pre-conception of the outcome. The works are process oriented and I let the intermediate results guide me to a finish work. My works straddles between the abstract and the representational, colorful at times with geometric forms to assist in putting order to the composition. Over a number of years, I have been developing some guidelines that help me put order to what can be a very chaotic process. Final results are not always satisfactory, but I try to learn a little bit more each time. In recent works, I have begun to incorporate the human figure, photography and digital manipulation in order to generate more complete compositions. Due to the randomness of the process employed, I am continuously exploring and try to re-discover a new tendency of the mediums used with each work that I undertake.